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Tulum: Golf Anyone?

20 November 2005 8 Comments

Days 57 & 58 - Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th November 2005

After a surprisingly easy 15 hour journey from Palenque, James & I arrived at our destination of Tulum at around midday. Tulum is a town roughly 150km south of Cancun on the Yucatan Pennisular and is popular becaue of its sublime beaches and spectacularly located Mayan ruins.

I had altered my plan to go straight from Palenque to Guatemala to take a detour to this lovely little place as I wanted some beach time, and I had heard that the town was empty of the normal hoardes of tourists due to Hurricane Wilma which had stuck this area a few weeks previously.

On arrival we dropped our bags off and went straight to the beach. Evidence of the hurricane was clearly visible, palms trees uprooted, shrubbery all over the place and cabañas half blown to bits, but the good news was the local tradesmen were busy with the clean up and rebuilding operation.

Despite the debris it was still a great beach. The sand was white and as fine as sugar, and I had my first swim in the Caribbean Sea. As you might imagine I didn’t move from the beach until the sun set, when I spent the evening with a bottle of beer, catching up with my journal.

The next morning I paid a visit to the ruins of Tulum. Although the buildings are not as impressive as Teotihuacan or Palenque, their location supposedly made up for that. When I first walked into the area it looked as though it should have been a golf course, with manicured lawns and precise pathways. It was all very pretty but hardly spectacular. It was only when I got to the cliff face and saw the main Castle standing proudly, looking out to the Caribbean did the site become worth the entrance fee.

Set atop a cliff overlooking the palm finged beach with the crystal clear waters gently rolling in from the Caribbean Sea, the ruins are definately fit for a desktop photo.

Occupied between 1200 and 1521AD Tulum was a city that existed towards the end of the Mayan era. In its prime it was an important port town for the trade routes along the Yucatan coastline. I wandered around taking copious photos (My philosophy is if I take enough photos, some must turn out to be good). When I had all the pictures of the ruins I wanted, I spent the next half hour using the timer feature on my camera to capture myself with a variety of backdrops.

After I tired of posing I strolled down the pathway to the beach, where I spent the remainder of the day laying on the beach, swimming in the Caribbean and soaking up the sun. By the end of the day my batteries were charged and my tan was sufficiently topped up. All that left me with no alternative but to have a beer in the evening.

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  • Roy (author) said:

    All caught up….nearly anyway!

    I’m heading to Tikal (more ruins) tomorrow and then I’m starting my Spanish lessons on Monday for a week, they are in a remote village (so I cant be lazy and speak English) and I may not have access to internet, so if you don’t hear from me, thats why.

    Ciao for now.

  • The O.C said:

    Quality hat! Beaches look amazing too - Enjoy that sun, swear its getting colder every day here! Have to wear two pairs of panties now!

  • Liz said:

    Roy - have you been working out - you looked PUMPED!!! Ha!
    Glad to see you’re still having fun.
    Take care mate…x

  • Flan said:

    Sorry Jonesy, I nearly fell off my chair!

  • Mannequin Man said:

    Oh Roy, you Sttuuuudddd!! Was sitting on the floor at the time I read this! Safe! Looks amazing mate! Currently in the sunshine capital of America, so feeling the love for some similar warm ray action!(sorry guys n girls back home) Hope the Spick lessons go well for you! Speak soon, perhaps in a different tongue!? Take Care. Peace out!

  • smithy said:

    hello mate
    sorry i aint posted for a while. abit hectic

    got laid of from work which is poo, but had a interview in london yesterday to work for Harlequins Rugby Club, and have been asked back already for a 2nd interview next week. Fingers crossed

    looks class mate and seems this will be life hanging experience for you.keep going and good luck


  • Kee said:

    Royster….you look so hot….!

    That look wil go down a right storm in Haverhill high street!

    My advice….keep going

  • Karina said:

    hola Roy
    mucha suerte en tus clases de español¡ y dejame decirte que ese bronceado te queda muuy bien, en unos meses podras ser hot latin tu tambien ¡ jajaja. cuidate mucho
    muchos besos