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1 September 2006

Taganga: Adios Aaron & Jon

Day 252 - Monday 29th May 2006

Aaron and Jon had to get to Bogota for their flight to Rio via Santiago before heading back to England, and they wanted to see a few places in Colombia along the way, so in order to have sufficient time to make it worth stopping and seeing they had to be off. So mid morning the six of us separated for the last time on this trip. We had travelled together off and on since Salta, Argentina in late March, and here we were in the north of Colombia in late May, a huge distance over two months and some great experiences.


After we had said goodbye to Aaron and Jon the day was another relaxing one; spent just chilling out reading a new book! Come the evening it was time to celebrate no more elections and the legal sale of booze, so we bought ourselves a fruit smoothie each and a bottle of rum between the three Swedes and I, before we proceeded to watch the sun setting over the bay whilst sipping our alcoholic fruit smoothies.

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