Latin America

I started the original blog as a diary of my eleven month backpacking trip in 2005/06, recording daily events as I travelled through Latin America from Mexico to Argentina.

If you’re new to the blog — and have a lot of time on your hands — it’s ideal to read all 200+ entries, starting from Day One, and reading each entry, day to day. You’ll get to experience my personal take on the trip. However, if just want to skip to the good stuff, here are some of the highlights:

Exploring New York with friends
Hiring a Dodge Viper in Las Vegas
Hanging around in Baja California
Riding the Copper Canyon Railway
Visiting a tequila factory
Appreciating the colonial architecture in Zacatecas
Meeting mommy in Guanajuato
Planning a music concert in Teotihuacan
Visiting more ruins in Oaxaca
Zooming through Canon Del Sumidero in a Lancha
Exploring the ruins of Palenque
Golfing in Tulum
Learning Spanish in The real Guatemala