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More Equipment Purchased…

Although there hasn’t been much activity here for a while, I haven’t neglected planning for the tour. Following on from the previous entries regarding purchasing equipment here’s another entry about the latest purchases, namely a tent, a camera and some handlebar bags for the bikes.

Making a Soda Can Stove

A few weeks back I had a few old cans lying around, so I made an attempt at a soda can stove, in truth only to see how it would work. For anyone not sure what a soda can stove is, Wikipedia give a good definition… A beverage-can stove (or pop-can stove) is a homemade, [...]

Eating Tacos in Mexico

My first experience of the real Mexican taco came at about 9pm on 1st October 2005 in Guerrero Negro, a dusty town in the middle of Baja California, famous for salt production and whale spotting. Having spent the previous 12 hours on a bus from Tijuana, I badly needed sustenance. My day had been spent [...]

Solar Powered Cooking

I recently read an entry on Peter Gostelow’s blog regarding a calendar post and the monthly photo. As you can see the photo shows three young boys laden with wood, collected as fuel for the fire on which family meals are prepared.


I have been looking at things I would like to take with me, for both practical and comfort reasons, and I have come up with a wishlist for the trip.

Santa Marta: Meeting the Locals

Day 246 – Tuesday 23rd May 2006 I woke up about 8am and we were still moving. Apparently we had suffered no more hold ups and we were progressing nicely. The bad news was that we had been held up for about 3 hours, which meant that instead of 22 hours it would take 25 [...]

Lima: Birthday Time

Days 224 to 226 – Monday 1st to Wednesday 3rd May 2006 After waiting around in Arequipa for the whole day we caught an overnight bus to Lima. This bus began with such potential! Comfortable seats, decent legroom and right at the front. I was hoping after Bolivia and Peru for a decent bus to [...]

Arequipa: The White City

Days 218 to 221 – Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th April 2006 After waking up late we made our way directly to the bus station without passing go. We hopped on a bus to Arequipa, a nine hour jaunt, meaning we would hopefully arrive sometime around 9pm. Things didn’t start to well as we we [...]

Machu Picchu: Amazing

Day 217 – Monday 24th April 2006 I think it was a 4.30am get up as we needed to catch our train to Machu Picchu at 5.30am. Staggering half asleep through the streets of Cusco as they were just beginning to fill with people we found the train station easily, aware that for the past [...]

La Paz: Feeling the Altitude

Days 205 to 207 – Wednesday 12th to Friday 14th April 2006 As we had celebrated Robin’s 21st the night before (albeit in his absence as he was sleeping of the effects of the top shelf) it was a fairly slow start to the day. Once we had acquired some breakfast and woken up our [...]

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