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The original blog – “roylloydjones” – started out as an almost daily journal from my 11 month backpacking trip around Latin America in 2005/06, recording daily events as I travelled by any mode of transport available – car, bus, train, aeroplane, rickshaw, canoe, sail boat, speed boat and ferry, eventually travelling this route from Northern Mexico to Patagonia https://bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania.

All the old entries from that trip are still available on this site, so you can read about visits to ancient ruins, natural and man-made wonders, modern cities and remote villages, see photos of crossing the Andes and sailing in the Caribbean and browse tales of hiking in natural parks and watching a football game in Argentina.

Nowadays, the blog has taken a new turn, still focused on travel, but more towards daily life and cycle touring.

My girlfriend and I are currently planning our first long trip together, a cycle tour through Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and into India and China. The tour doesn’t have a start date as yet bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania.

When it eventually starts, this website will serve as a journal, bringing anyone interested a view into our lifestyle from the road, documenting the highs and lows of long term travel by bicycle. 


Born in 1980, raised in Suffolk, educated in both Suffolk and Staffordshire, my first backpacking trip began in September 2005 to Latin America, which you can read all about  in the Latin America entries . Upon my return to the UK in August 2006, plans were already developing for the next trip – to India and China. However this trip never materialised www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/1xbet-tanzania. During the planning period, along came the offer of a good job in Barbados, and whilst I would have loved to continue travelling, an opportunity to live and work in a place like Barbados may not have come around again, so I accepted the job and started in January 2007.

Yami and I

Three years later and I’m still in Barbados. I do have plans to travel again (this time a long distance cycle tour), but as yet there is no start date.

When I do eventually start, my girlfriend Yami is coming along too. We met in Panama City, back in 2006, the 28th January to be exact. After leaving Panama, Yami and I kept in contact until my extended (6 week) return to Panama in June the same year. Money spent, an enforced return to the UK ensued. As anyone will tell you, long distance relationships usually don’t pan out too well, however this one stayed strong, we saw each fairly regularly, and in April 2008, after completing her dental internship, Yami came to live with me in Barbados. So there is the evidence. Taking an extended trip really can change your life.

If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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