Trip Archives

All of Roy’s trip blogs have been archived here (in chronological order) for your desktop reading pleasure. You can read each entry of each trip in order, or just browse at your whim.

Although these blogs are in no way a substitute for actual travel, they might help you get through some boring days at the office, or even to plan a portion of your own trip.

Swedish Sojourn

April 2005

While casually browsing the internet, Roy saw a free flight giveaway and made an impulse purchase. These entries tell the story of a springtime weekend sojourn to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second City.

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Latin America

September 2005 – August 2006

The original blog started as a diary of an eleven month backpacking trip around Latin America in 2005/06, recording daily events as Roy took buses, planes, trains and boats along the length and breadth of Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina. Every entry is still available to read, covering visits to ancient ruins, natural and man-made wonders, modern cities and remote villages. Photos are included from almost every day, so there are shots of Roy (amongst other things) crossing the Andes, sailing in the Caribbean, hiking in the national parks of Chile and watching a football game in Argentina.

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European Tour 2012

September – October 2012

The European Tour 2012 chronicles a four-week, 1,200km+ bicycle tour through the East of England, the Netherlands and Germany in the autumn of 2012. Beginning from Suffolk, Roy and Yami cycled to Bavaria in Southern Germany with their fully loaded bikes.

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South East Asia Tour 2012

November 2012 –

The South East Asia Tour

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